Fortune Teller Costume

She can see candy in your future.
fortune teller 4

I wanted to share this amateur costume I worked on this week.
I'm getting into a bad habit of buying fabric, with no plan and no pattern.
I either have too much faith in myself, or I'm too cheap to buy the pattern.

But the truth is, I have low standards. I'm only trying to impress my kids, which is very easy.
They are always super stoked about the sewing I do and that's why its so rewarding for me.
This is a total low pressure situation.

I made this blouse out of muslin. I used 3 yards for $2.50.
I knew I wanted puffy sleeves and lace ups on the front.
I used some scrapbook eyelets to do this. Whatever works!
fortune teller

I made this purple skirt with 2 yards of this cheap purple stuff.
I simply made a casing at the top and threaded it with elastic.
Then I added two ruffle layers that were 2x the length of the skirt.
fortune teller 2

I made the scarf the same way I make receiving blankets. Simply double fold the edges and sew!
The yellow sash is just 1/4 yard of sparkly tulle.
The head piece was a scarf I found on clearance at target. We also got fun earrings that she loved!
$17.00+ a happy kid= successful costume.

She really played up her role.
fortune teller 3

So this year, I ended up making 2 costumes. (Here is the witch costume)

And buying one.

This little boy fell in love with this costume (probably because of the sword) from Costco.
And as much as I love making a costume that they adore, I equally love buying a costume they adore.

Any way you do it, they get candy!

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Go vote for your favorite.

I'm linking to Allie Makes!

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